Report equine animal’s death with ATM Equidés ANGEE


For whom? Equine animal’s owners with a SIRE number (The Equine Information System).

Why? The public rendering service disappeared 12 years ago, placing the responsibility on each livestock sector to organize and negotiate directly with the renderers to determine rates for the removal of dead animals.

In this context, the ATM Equidés ANGEE association was created to focus exclusively on the rendering of equine animals. Since its creation, ATM’s aim has been to bring together institutions representing users and owners of equine animals. Its main objective is to negotiate with the leading rendering companies to set rates and territorial competencies.


Why should I report the death of my equine animal?


  • Reporting the death of an equine animal to the SIRE central database is a legal and regulatory obligation.
  • To improve the accuracy of information in the SIRE central database and:

-       Determine the number of live equine animals in France and its evolution.

-       Carry out prospective studies with the equine sector.

Anticipate to better manage

During the equine animal’s life: I find out about the various removal methods to be prepared in case of death.


Upon the death of the equine animal: I will follow the procedure of my choice for the removal of the equine animal.


Upon the removal of the equine animal: I will ensure that the death is properly registered to the SIRE central database.

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Registered office address: 12 avenue de la République